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About Pinos Pooches

Hello FURiends!Welcome!We are Pinos Pooches! We are a handmade dog accessories company. My name is Joanna; Pinot is my pooch which is where I got my shop name inspiration. Pinot is a miniature cocker spaniel, whom I love dearly and has really inclined me to start this company in order to bring dogs and dog parent's together. We are southern California based company. We wanted to create a brand of classy accessories that are stylish, modern and cute because our furry friends deserve to be well dressed too! All of our products are hand sewn, crafted & packaged with love for your pup! Thank you for supporting my small business!💛 Joanna & Pinot

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Our lovely friends at Bingoport bullentin featured our small business in their March issue. Brianna, the editor of the issue, was awesome on figuring out what makes our business unique. Please read more about our interview with Bingoport Bullentin and check them out at 

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